Texas Rangers Fire Social Media Guy After Insensitive Tweet


When using social media, it is a principle rule to separate your personal lives from your work. Well, this social media representative obviously does not play by the rules. The Texas Rangers’ social media department fired an employee after he mistakenly tweeted “Fire charlie.# bye” from his work account.

According to ESPN, the matter was resolved before the 9th inning of the Rangers game.

“The Texas Rangers wish to apologize to the University of Texas and its head coach Charlie Strong for the very inappropriate and insensitive message that was briefly posted on the team’s Twitter account this afternoon,” the release said.

“The tweet was posted by a member of the team’s social media department who was neither working for the Rangers nor was at Globe Life Park today. Effective immediately, that individual is no longer employed by the Rangers,” executives said.

This has been a big deal on social media, with plenty of users expressing their displeasure with Head Coach, Charlie Strong. This representative apparently forgot to log out of his work account during this media frenzy, and let the public know his two cents from the @Rangers account . After Saturday’s blowout loss for the University of Texas, 50-7, by the Texas christian University, the search for a new coach is not such a far fetched opinion.

A word from the wise, make sure that you are logged in to the correct account before posting insensitive material on social media. This was an easily avoidable mistake.

There seems to be little trust for Coach Strong from the lone star state; and I am interested in seeing the route that Texas takes after this incident. The Longhorns are currently 1-4 which is not a good place to be for a football team in Texas. To Texans, football is everything. I would not be surprised if they began searching for a new coach relatively soon based purely on that.

Although this unfortunate occurrence resulted in a man’s unemployment, it’s more common than you would think. Accidents happen, but it is important to know your company’s social media policy and how to properly manage your accounts. It is much better to be cautious and safe than unemployed!

How do you feel about the Rangers  decision? Do you feel this individual deserved to be fired for the tweet? Leave a comment below.





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