Study Shows Millennial’s Prefer Human Interaction Over Digital

In today’s society, everything is online and it is evident that the technological era has taken many by storm. Everywhere you look, their seems to be someone with their eyes glued to an IPhone or laptop. Although it seems the traditional communication methods are dying out, a surprising new study shows that the millennial generation actually prefers face-to-face communication.

According to Mattersight Corporation’s recent survey of over 1,000 millennials, many in this age group preferred person-to-person interactions over those of the online genre.

“Despite growing up in the digital age, Millennials haven’t abandoned person-to-person contact,” said Mattersight CEO Kelly Conway.. “Contrary to popular belief, we found that most Millennials prefer to communicate in-person and over the phone because it allows them to have the most meaningful conversations.”

Coming from a Millennial, this was actually quite shocking. Recently, I have been noticing how dependent people are on their cell phones. Gatherings with my friends now consist of a circle of people staring at their phones. We just sit there sometimes as time passes until we realize that we are not even connecting at all personally. It is humbling to know that Millennial’s do still care about personally connecting with people. I think this technology dependence is getting a little out of control.


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According to the study, 85% of respondents to the Mattersight survey said that they prefer to meet and communicate in-person with coworkers. The next most preferred means of communication at work was a virtual tie between email and phone.

The survey also showed that over half of the Millennials surveyed said that outside of work they prefer to communicate in person; and that an important characteristic of a quality conversation is having chemistry.

Do advertisers and company’s need to restructure their communication strategy? Before reading this study, I thought that big business has already figured out the key to targeting the Millenial generation. This study shows that our generation (Millenials) actually prefers to work face-to-face.

I am pleased to see these results of the study. Interpersonal communication is a beautiful thing that is absolutely more valuable than a text message or e-mail. You are able to connect and create emotional appeal to a conversation when face-to-face.

We may still have hope for this generation. I am sure corporate America is not thrilled to learn of this study because they will have to restructure how they disseminate information and work with their public’s, but I for one would enjoy a more personal connection to the company’s I invest in.

Which do you prefer? Digital or personal connection? Leave a comment!


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