Goodyear Executed Brilliant PR During NORAD’s Drift Away Aerostat

Goodyear has always been known for their blimp advertisements ever since the first airship, The Pilgrim, was introduced back in 1925. It is hard to imagine a football game without noticing a Goodyear zeppelin floating around in the sky.

On Wednesday, #Blimp was trending after a military surveillance aerostat (JLENS), which looks much like a blimp, escaped from the anchor holding it down at a base located in Maryland.

Goodyear’s social media experts jumped on this opportunity for a little humorous and free advertising.


Goodyear’s Blimp experts also threw in some input for some more laughs and interactions with their audience.


Twitter users were loving the attention Goodyear was getting from this incident at the Maryland base. The automotive brand was also very diligent in interacting with their followers as tweets began flowing in.



The aerostat drifted for 160 miles before returning to the ground, taking out power lines that left 20,000 residents without power.

The military has a public relations issue to face, but kudos to Goodyear for their ambitious social media team. They added humor to a problem that was not very funny for the 20,000 residents left without power, but Twitter sure loved it!

Goodyear is a leading example of how to gain free SUCCESSFUL advertising. Just like the McWhopper stunt by BK, Goodyear was recognized by all of Twitter for the time they were trending. It was once again a win-win situation.

Though the military will soon be under fire from people seeking answers as to what caused the runaway aerostat, you can still grab your $160 worth of mail-in rebates from Goodyear! Check it out!

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