Genius McWhopper PR Stunt Puts BK Ahead


Burger King generously offered a proposal to call truce and join forces with burger giant McDonald’s to create a “McWhopper.”

Yesterday, Burger King ran a full page ad in two of the nations largest print newspapers; The New York Times and The Chicago Tribune. The ad contained a picture of a burger that has the bottom half of a Whopper transfused with the top half of a Big Mac. A one day only restaurant would be established and staffed by employees from both corporations to sell the McWhopper.

McDonald’s politely declined the proposition via Facebook post to their company’s page.Micky D FB

BK’s proposal actually had a great message behind the magical idea of a “McWhopper.” All sales proceeds would go towards Peace One Day, a non-profit organization aimed to raise awareness of the International Day of Peace that the United Nations General Assembly is currently lobbying for.

The goal would be to sell the McWhoppers on September 21, 2016, which would be the International Day of Peace. This was a brilliant PR stunt by Burger King and they definitely ruffled the feathers of McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook.

“P.S. A simple phone call will do next time,” said Easterbrook in his Facebook post to the company site.

BK has stepped up their game in the race for the best burger chain. Their ambitious PR tactics have proved to benefit the chains business, with the quarterly financial report noting the company’s $249.6 million in revenue. The same cannot be said for McDonald’s unfortunately. McDonald’s revealed earlier in the month that they intend to close 220 stores in hopes to cut costs, according to

This delicious proposal was executed perfectly by BK, giving them the upper-hand in the situation whether Micky D’s accepted the offer or not.

Eastbrook’s response to the proposal could not have been anymore perfect. Burger King is in the spotlight and taking over social media. Consumers are already getting creative with their food and creating their own McWhopper’s.homemade

At any rate, both burger franchises are receiving attention and honestly, Mcdonald’s should be thanking BK for the sales they are about to receive from this PR stunt. Growing up, McDonald’s was always the number one place to go for fast food.They had happy meals and great marketing tactics that sucked us kids into begging our parents to take us to the place with the golden arches. As time surpasses, it seems that Burger King is quickly becoming the burger joint that everyone wants a piece of. Well done, Burger King. In future years, I can see BK being the new powerhouse of fast food franchises. Let me know your opinion.

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